My Journey to Whole Wheat

Food, you can’t live without it!

A healthy balance of food is very important to me. When I was about 40 years old, I heard  Rex Russell, M.D., the author of What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, doing an interview on the radio. He explained how his health issues brought him to do his own research on healthy living. His research through the Bible on how food was designed to benefit us and sustain our life convinced me of the same. So, I purchased his book and started making changes to my eating habits! I was dedicated to making my nutritional intake as wholesome as possible.

At the time I still had my children at home – and they were not fans of the change. Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms were replaced with puffed and shredded wheat. Fruity yogurt, lunch meats, wheat spaghetti noodles, granola bars and more fresh veggies became staples in the house. We made the switch from Wonder Bread to whole wheat ( I was still buying bread from the store). Needless to say, the kids didn’t always fall into line with our way of eating…the changes in the way I shopped and prepared food to help with our healthy lifestyle was a constant battle. 

Food was designed to benefit us and sustain our life.

A decade later I got devastating news…I was diagnosed with cancer.  Once again, I had to rethink all my choices of healthy living except this time, my life truly depended on it.

After a grueling battle of recovery from chemo and radiation, I restarted my journey to be even more mindful of what I was putting in my body. One day I stumbled upon Ezekiel Bread in the freezer section of the store. It was full of amazing nutrients, and I wanted to know why it wasn’t on the shelf. I decided to try and make the bread myself.  Finding a recipe was not easy, but the research took me to an even deeper level with my knowledge and into understanding why this bread was in the freezer.

I found whole wheat websites and read all about the life of a whole grain and what that means. The whole wheat bread I had been eating and feeding my family was nothing more than sifted flour with vitamin supplements added! My pantry flour was the same; it was processed enough to give it a shelf life of a year or more. What I began learning is that real whole wheat, fresh milled, has a life span of a few months – only if it’s frozen immediately!

The whole wheat bread I had been eating and feeding my family was nothing more than brown bread with vitamin supplements added!

That’s when I decided to buy my own grain mill and make my own flour, and I haven’t switched back since. I felt secure knowing my baked goods were made with wholesome, nutritious flour free of fillers, additives, and preservatives. Not only did I love how nutritious the flour was, I loved the taste too! So here I am today, milling my own wheat, rolling my own oats, and creating recipes that serve and nourish my family and friends.

White Barn, Desiree and I are working hard to bring our small batches to you and your family, so you can enjoy all the benefits of whole wheat and fresh grains in your daily lives.

With love and good health, Mema

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