Homemade Ice Cream Simple & Organic

This home made ice cream has been a staple in our home for years.  I’ve altered the recipe to accommodate our needs (organic) and fit the size of my ice cream maker.  I purchased my Cuisinart 15 years ago and use it bi-weekly.  It was definitely well worth the $40 investment and I’d hate to be without it!

Our grandchildren love helping me blend the ingredients and watching it churn – then enjoy eating a treat that is simple, tasty and organic.  I always make plain vanilla so everyone has the opportunity to add their favorite toppings.  

Occasionally I will make a mint chocolate chip version, by simply adding two drops of Young Living Food Grade Peppermint and Mini Chocolate Chips (approx. 1/2 cup) about 2 minutes before the ice cream is done.  This is my husbands favorite!


1/2 Cup Organic Sugar

1 Tbs Organic Vanilla Extract (add vanilla bean too if you have on hand)

1 Cup Organic Raw milk

2 Cups Organic Heavy Whipping Cream

Always keep your Cuisinart mixing bowl clean and in the freezer for the next batch of ice cream.  When you’re ready to make the ice cream, place a clean empty glass bowl and lid in the freezer to get cold while ice cream is churning – you will store your ice cream in this when it’s done. 

In a separate bowl, add sugar and vanilla and whisk together with one cup milk.  Wish until sugar is dissolved before you add the heavy whipping cream. Blend the cream in lightly, but well mixed.  All ingredients must be cold to start!  If not, place your mixture in the fridge for at least an hour, otherwise it will take longer to churn or possibly thaw your churning bowl and ice cream won’t freeze as needed.  

Remove you Cuisinart ice cream bowl from the freezer and place on the base.  Insert mixer and cover, turn on.  Be sure to have your ice cream maker turning when you add the mixture, otherwise it will freeze in place.  Churn for approximately 15 minutes. 

Transfer churned ice cream to the bowl you placed in the freezer. Secure an air tight lid, see example of mine, it’s Pyrex.  Clean your churning bowl, thoroughly dry and return to freezer for your next batch when needed!

Easy, and so good…ENJOY!!!


Check out our post @whitebarnfamilyfarms for more pics…

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