Mema’s Cinnamon Rolls


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Mema’s Cinnamon Rolls, like everything we make at White Barn Family Farms, are made with one of our fresh milled Whole Wheat Flours. We believe all pure & simple ingredients create the best flavor, quality and nutrition. The filling consists of a generous portion of butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and gently hand rolled.  While still hot from the oven, more butter is melted over the top of each roll. Cream Cheese icing is an absolute must and placed in a separate container, ready for you to splurge!

Simply warm your freshly ordered rolls in the oven or microwave (when transferred to a microwave safe dish) and smother with Mema’s buttery cream cheese icing. Perfect for your breakfast or anytime treat!

Each box contain 5 large cinnamon rolls, cream cheese icing and will definitely become a “must have” every time you order from White Barn!


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