Organic Corn Flour Fresh 1.5 lb Bag


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White Barns Organic Corn Flour is finely ground organic corn dent kernels and gluten free. Fresh milled, whole-grain corn flour is rare, but not here at White Barn.  Our corn flour contains all the nutrients and fiber the way nature intended!

The most popular ways to use up a bag of corn flour is in gluten free baking, from bread to waffles. In the Southern United States, corn flour has long been used to coat fried foods, such as shrimp. It adds a pleasant corn flavor and crispy crunch—without the grittiness of cornmeal. Substitute half of your cornmeal with corn flour in your sweet cornbread recipe to make it more fluffy and cake like. Or, try a mixture of all-purpose flour and corn flour in a stone fruit upside-down cake.

White Barn mills our corn flour only when it’s ordered and comes in a resealable, 1.5 lb bag.  Always fresh, with whole grain nutrition and ready to be stored in your freezer!

Note: Organic corn dent kernels are naturally gluten free and are milled in a kitchen that has wheat. While we clean and take other precautions when we are milling, those with a severe gluten allergy should consider cross contamination is possible.


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