Organic Cornmeal Fresh 1.5 lb Bag


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White Barn now offers Organic Cornmeal milled from Organic Corn Dent Kernels and is gluten free!

We know and love cornmeal as the foundation for soft, buttery cornbread, but don’t let that be the only way you use it. This is one versatile pantry staple that’s capable of quite a lot. Use fresh milled cornmeal in pancakes, tortillas, muffins, polenta or crackers. Or when you’re frying or baking, there’s a lot to love about a crisp, super-crunchy cornmeal coating wrapped around your food. Use it on just about any type of fish, chicken, pork, and even vegetables.

White Barn cornmeal is not milled until it’s ordered and comes in a resealable, 1.5 lb bag.  Always fresh, with whole grain nutrition and ready to be stored in your freezer!

Note: Organic Corn Dent Kernels are naturally gluten free and milled in their own machinery to limit potential cross contamination. While we clean and take other precautions when we mill our corn, those with a severe gluten allergy should know that they are in the same facility as our wheat products. 



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