Organic Sweet Buckwheat Cornbread Round 8 in Pan


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Sweet Organic Buckwheat Cornbread is a gluten free version of White Barns traditional cornbread.  Same recipe, just using our organic buckwheat flour in place of our soft white wheat flour.  A beautiful alternative without sacrificing taste and tenderness we all look for in cornbread. Each pan is made fresh to order and ready for you to warm and smother in butter!

White Barn uses fresh milled organic cornmeal and organic buckwheat flour, our farm fresh eggs, organic milk, organic coconut oil and organic sugar for its sweet touch.  

Note: Organic Buckwheat Cornbread is gluten free and prepared in a kitchen that has wheat. While we clean and take other precautions when we are milling, mixing and baking, those with a severe gluten allergy should consider cross contamination is possible.


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